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Hi! We are the Neighborhood Experts and we’d love to assist you. Whether you’re in the research phase at the beginning of your real estate search or you know exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll benefit from having us by your side. We work together to provide you a refreshing approach to buying and selling homes in northeast Ohio. We are community focused and would be honored to put our real estate experience to work for you.

- Mark & Denise Zervos, Joe, Andrew, Lee, Erin, Ryan, Lily, Jim, Nycole, Nicole, Ben, & Jaime

About The Neighborhood Experts

The Neighborhood Experts are industry leaders in positioning homes to sell quickly for the highest possible price.  To ensure their clients receive the broadest exposure, Denise and Mark Zervos have built a dynamic team of agents in local neighborhoods and communities to provide the best experience when buying or selling a home.

The Neighborhood Experts break away from traditional real estate practices to market and sell real estate in Northeast Ohio. If you are looking to buy or sell, we have an expert who knows YOUR neighborhood. 

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